Screams 'n Beanz from the Anthroposcene


Screamz 'n Beanz from the Anthroposcene is a series of illustrations exploring the relationship between humans, our home planet and extended animal family.

Responding to the drastic environmental circumstances we find ourselves confronting, each work contains a narrative, and is laden with references to our natural and urban environments. They draw on elements from extinct and endangered species, historical and contemporary culture, as well as natural symbolism from Enlightenment era painting. Read more about what's going on in each picture by hovering over the image.

The works embody metaphors and narratives about prevailing perceptions and established norms within our social and cultural spheres. They attempt to challenge these, and encourage critical attention to the way in which we live our lives, and the impact this has on our home and those we share it with.

Their creation coincides with Remembrance Day for Extinct Species, on 30th November 2016, with the extinction symbol occurring frequently throughout the series.

See contributions to Lost Species Day:

© 2016 Gabi Gershuny

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